Pest Control Tips

Tenants are responsible for Pest Control at their unit.  See Section 10.C of your Rental Agreement. 

You might find these hints and suggestions helpful for keeping a pest free house.


Do not leave any pet food out, either inside or outside, the house.

Clean up after your pet on a regular basis and dispose of the waste in the trash.

Keep your yard free of possible nesting areas – stacked firewood, soft furniture, general clutter.

Put all trash in your trash bin and put out trash weekly.

Place d-con in the crawl space of your unit each fall or at the first sign of rodents.

Set traps as appropriate.

Notify our office of any access points that need to be sealed up.


“Outside” bugs can be kept outside by keeping your screens intact and in place.

Many outside pests (i.e. box elder bugs) can be killed with a mixture of soap & water in a spray bottle.

Bees & Wasps can be handled with an appropriate spray.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the can.

Spiders & fleas can usually be managed by a thorough vacuuming of the affected area. 

Roaches and Bed Bugs can be brought into homes without your knowledge from grocery stores, party stores, public transportation, doctor’s offices, backpacks, etc.

Grocery store, party store bags and boxes, include pop & beer can cartons, should be unpacked and discarded immediately.

Shoes should be inspected and cleaned if you have been in a place you suspect may have “bugs”.

Backpacks, coats and other items that might come in contact with other people’s belongings should be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis.

Thorough cleaning, including regular vacuuming of hard floor surfaces, carpet and soft furniture (including mattresses), will help in controlling any bug problem.   Remember to dispose of your vacuum bag or empty the dust container outside immediately after vacuuming!

Roach hotels, boric acid and spraying areas of infestation are usually good first treatments for roach problems.

If necessary we can provide information on our recommended pest control company.