Getting Ready for Spring


With Spring comes the need to begin yard and lawn maintenance.

There are two yard maintenance items that are your responsibility as part of the Rental Agreement:

  1.  Regular picking up of debris, including dog piles.

    2.  Regular mowing (typically weekly) of entire lawn.

Also, we need to remind you that there are other matters of concern relative to the Rental Agreement and/or Westland Ordinance violations or are safety concerns:

  1.  Collection of trash/junk/personal debris on the property is prohibited.  This includes
      all sorts of materials for which there is no immediate or practical use such as old car
      parts, broken lawnmowers and bicycles, construction materials, old household items. 

    2.  Vehicles that are unlicensed and/or inoperative, or that are parked other than in the
         street or a defined driveway is prohibited on property.

    3.  Swimming pools with sidewall height 24” or greater or of any sidewall height if designed
         to have a filter are prohibited unless installed according to City Code.  This includes
         many inflatable pools that have become so popular.  If you are considering a pool, it
         must comply with the Code and have Norplex prior approval.

    4.  Open, unscreened yard fires of any nature (in pit or container) are prohibited.

    5.  Gas and charcoal grilles when in use are to be at least 10 feet from the house and
         10 feet beyond any porch overhang until unit is FULLY cooled. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation on these matters.

Getting Ready for Winter


With extreme cold weather comes the likelihood of a water line freeze-up, especially with buildings on a crawl space.  To reduce the possibility of a freeze-up and the inconvenience to you, we present the following:

  1. Most problems occur when the temperature is near zero or below, it is windy, or when the unit is unheated.
  2. Most freeze-ups occur at night – when no water is being used to keep the water flowing.
  3. If you unit has a half-bath, this area will most likely be the first to freeze-up.


  1. Turn on all first floor faucets (hot and cold) to a very small but steady stream, especially during night hours when water is not being used.
  2. Leave lower kitchen cabinet doors and half-bath vanity door open so area will be warmer.
  3. If your furnace is not working IMMEDIATELY advise our office at 734-722-6444 or if after hours our maintenance contractor at 734-578-1264.
  4. If you are going to be away from your unit for more than a day, and are unable to find someone to check on your unit daily let the office know so that we can check and perform the needed actions.

IF YOUR PIPES DO FREEZE, they may burst and spray water in the walls and crawl space.  Be aware of the sound of running water in a wall or the crawl space when the faucets are not on and the toilet is not filling.

BROKEN PIPES DEMAND IMMEDIATE SHUT-OFF OF WATER AT THE WATER METER!!! Shut-off valves are located at the water meter which is generally in your utility room or basement but may be in the kitchen perhaps under a cabinet.  Either of the two valves should do the job.  If shut-off is not possible call the office or our maintenance contactor at the above numbers for assistance.

If we are unavailable or if the leak continues after the valve is closed call your City for service (Westland – DPW @ 734-728-1770; Wayne – DPW @ 734-721-8600; Inkster – DPW @ 313-563-9773).

WARNING!  DO NOT USE PROPANE TORCHES OR OTHER OPEN FLAMES TO THAW FROZEN PIPES!!!  While it is a fast way it is also very dangerous.  It could set the unit on fire or cause a pipe to explode from the steam in the pipe.  CALL THE OFFICE AND WE WILL HANDLE THE PROBLEM.

We will do our best to solve your problem quickly because we know you do not like being without water.  However, you must realize that when your pipes are frozen, so are many others.  There, the message is simple – HELP PREVENT THE FREEZE-UP. . . .CALL US PROMPTLY. . . .BE PATIENT FOR REPAIR.     

Thank you in advance for your cooperation on these matters.