Thank you for your interest in Norplex Associates.

Applications are generally processed within 3 days after receiving a complete application.

Application Process Overview
  1. Complete Rental Application in all respects
  2. Provide $30 Application Fee
  3. Furnish proof of all income
  4. Have current Landlord complete verification form
  5. Provide copy of Driver License/State ID for each adult
  6. Provide copy of most recent gas and electric bills for current address
  7. Provide required deposit within 24 hours of request by Norplex
  8. Provide balance of Move-In cost according to the established schedule (usually within 72 hours)
  9. Following final approval, Sign Rental Agreement according to the established schedule (usually within 72 hours)
Application Tips

We want you to have a favorable Application review and become our newest tenant.  We are available by phone or at our office to discuss your specific situation – do not hesitate to call.

These tips may assist you in completing the APPLICATION and understanding the process:

  • Begin your search for a new residence early – last minute moves are stressful.  Contact us as soon as possible so we can show you the units we have  available or discuss future units we will have available.
  • Complete the application as soon as possible
    1. Complete ALL aspects of the application and provide ALL supporting documents such as proof of ALL sources of household income and copy of driver’s license/state ID.
    2. Be sure to list all negative credit on page 2. Negative credit will not necessarily disqualify you but forgetting a big negative can be a problem.
  • Return the application to our office, preferably in person so we can meet and greet you. Don’t forget the $30 application fee.
  • When you bring in your application be prepared to discuss your move-in plans, including how and when you will pay the remaining move-in money due and your desired move-in date.
  • Allow us three (3) days to provide preliminary reviews. We review all completed applications in the order received.  Applications with missing information, missing supporting documentation or without the $30 application fee are not reviewed until completed.
  • Be prepared to provide a $200 Holding Deposit within 24 hours of preliminary approval or at time of application if you want a specific unit guaranteed. The holding deposit goes towards your total move-in costs.
  • If you haven’t done so already, notify current landlord of your moving plans and have them complete the Landlord Verification Form in the Application Packet. Your current landlord may fax the verification to us at 734-722-3782 or email it to [email protected].  If necessary, we may be able to work with you on any required notice period you are obligated to give your current landlord.

Expect final approval within two (2) days of the preliminary review and be ready to discuss a day and time to sign the Rental Agreement.