Before submitting a Maintenance Request, click the button below to review tips on how to possibly solve the problem and avoid being charged for service call which could be hundreds of dollars.

Electric Issues:

  1. If whole house or half of house is affected call DTE (800-477-4747) and have them check service to house.
  2. Check to see if any circuit breakers or fuses are blown. Reset or replace if necessary.
  3. Check to see if a GFI outlet is tripped. Reset if necessary.
  4. Verify that bulb(s) are good – even new bulbs can be bad.
  5. Use a known good bulb in fixture to test if fixture is bad.

Furnace Issues:

  1. Verify the switch for the furnace is on. Switch is located on or near furnace.
  2. Check to see if the furnace circuit breaker or fuse is blown. Reset or replace if necessary.
  3. Verify the furnace filter is clean. A dirty furnace filter will cause furnace to shut down.
  4. Verify air returns/vents are not block. Blocked vents will cause furnace to shut down.
  5. Verify thermostat is turned up and that batteries in thermostat, if so equipped, are good.
  6. Verify gas service to unit is on (Is gas company (Westland/Wayne – Consumers Energy – 800-477-5050; Inkster – DTE – 800-477-4747) working in the area? Are you behind in payments? )

Hot Water Tank Issues:

For No Hot Water:
  1. If gas company has been working in area, call gas company and request they send a technician out to relight. Westland/Wayne – Consumers Energy – 800-477-5050; Inkster – DTE – 800-477-4747)
  2. Verify gas service to unit is on (Is gas company working in the area? Are you behind in payments? )
  3. Try relighting per the instructions on the tank. May have to make several attempts.
  4. We do not relight functioning hot water tanks for free!
For Leaking Tanks:
  1. Shut water off to tank (shut off values are located on cold water line entering top of tank). Open the closest hot water faucet to relieve pressure & reduce leaking from the tank. Submit a Maintenance Request.

No Water / Low Water Pressure/Discolored Water Issues:

  1. These issues are most likely the result of a water main break or maintenance somewhere in your neighborhood. A call to the city DPW may clarify this matter. Westland DPW at 734-728-1770; Inkster DPW at 313-563-9774; Wayne DPW at 734-721-8600.
  2. An exception for No Water/Low Water Pressure would be a frozen and/or broken water line in the crawl space when the outside temperature is/has been below 20 degrees. Therefore: 1) Be sensitive to hearing the sound of running water in the crawl space and 2) Check with neighbors, preferably in different building if possible, for similar problem. If problem is specific to your unit/building, please immediately email Norplex using the maintenance tab on our website

Drain Issues:

  1. If ALL of your drains are not working (tub, bath sink, toilet, kitchen sink, laundry line) submit a Maintenance Request. You should minimize water put down drains & toilet flushing while waiting for service. For units located in Westland, if water is backing up into unit: The main line has a white drain cap, located on the front exterior wall near the center of the building or in the front yard near the building, which may be removed while waiting for service. This will allow the water to back up outside the unit.
  2. Toilet, sink & tub drains: Stopped up drains/back-ups are YOUR responsibility. Stopped up drains are caused by things going down the drain that shouldn’t (examples: non-flushable products, grease, food, hair, toys, toothpaste caps etc). You may try unstopping yourself or, if
    you submit a maintenance request, we will handle and invoice you for all charges associated with the repair.

Other Plumbing Issues:

  1. Leaking drain or supply lines, toilet leaks, leaking faucets submit a Maintenance Request at the first sign of a problem.
      • While waiting for maintenance it might be necessary to place bucket under a leaking drain or to shut water off to a leaking toilet/faucet. Shut-off valves can be found under sinks or behind toilet.
      • In Norwayne duplex units, if your toilet wax ring has failed each time your toilet is flushed it will leak into your kitchen/utility room ceiling. If this is happening minimize flushing toilet until wax ring has been replaced.
      • If reasonable care is not taken to minimize damage you will be billed for any damages associated with the problem.